RICHEMONT & JOURDIER, a simplified joint-stock company, with an authorized capital of €25,000 and registered headquarters at 8, rue Thomassin, 69002 Lyon – FRANCE, registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 921 692 638, and holding the intra-community VAT number FR00921692638.

DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATION Guy Jourdier, in his capacity as President

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Marie-Églé de Richemont

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stéphane de Calbiac – Routes de Campagne

Photography Jeanne Dubourg (Freelance) and Coralie Dressel (Studio 36)


Organisation Name: Siteground – SiteGround Hosting Ltd.

Mailing Address: 18 South Street London W1K 1DG – UK


Design and Development

Digitalisim Agency

Mailing Address: 10 Cr de Verdun Rambaud, 69002 Lyon – France


Intellectual Property

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Photo Credits: Jeanne Dubourg (Freelance) and Coralie Dressel (Studio 36).

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